International conference of sport science - AESA 2017, will be held in Shomal University, Iran, July 11-12, 2017.We are inviting all researchers, coaches and student to join us in our conference. The conference organized by The Sport Science Faculty, at Shomal University, Asian Exercise and Sport Science Association (AESA) and International Journal of Applied Exercise Physiology.

Author: AESA

We are proud to announce that Dr. Stevo Popovic will participate at AESA Sport Science Conference as Invited Speaker.

Dr. Stevo Popović received his Ph.D. in Sport Sciences from University of Novi Sad, Serbia in 2011. Previously he completed eight grades of primary school in Feketić, Serbia. He has completed high school in Bačka Topola, Serbia. He enrolled at the University of Novi Sad in year 1998 where he acquired the bachelor degree in 2003, master degree in 2009 as well as PhD degree in 2011. He attended postdoctoral study at University of Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2011/2012 school year. Currently, he is the Assistant Professor and Dean at the Faculty for Sport and Physical Education, University of Montenegro, Montenegro. Dr. Popović has a wide range of the research interests in the past that span many areas of Sports Science, mostly due to the reason he has accomplished a number of professional transitions from Physical Education to Anthropology of Sport and Physical Education and Socio-cultural Issues of Sport and Sport Management. So, he possesses rich interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary background that makes him more experienced and reflexive researcher. An Executive Editor in Montenegrin Journal of Sports Sciences and Medicine (WOSCC) and member of several editorial boards in international journals, as well many publications in internationally journals and several keynote and invited presentations make him internationally recognized academician in the area of Sports Sciences. It is also worth to mention that Dr. Popović has received several research grants offered through EACEA programs and has visited several European universities in the period longer than one month, as well as he is coordinator of two national research projects funded by Ministry of Science in Montenegro.

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Date: 2017, 20 July
Place : Shomal University



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