Professor Bjelica is president of the Council for Sports of the Government of

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We are we are proud to announce that Prof. Duško Bjelica will participate at AESA Sport Science conference.  

Professor Duško Bjelica, PhD, Chairman of the University of Montenegro, was born on
October 7, 1963 in Podgorica, where he finished elementary and high school department
Physical education.

Professor Bjelica is president of the Council for Sports of the Government of

He graduated from Teaching Faculty, Department of Physical Education, at the
University,, Veljko Vlahovic ", after which he obtained degree in Physical education and
Senior football coach degree at the Faculty of Physical Education, University of Novi
Sad. He got a Master Degree at the Faculty of Physical Education University "Ss. Cyril
and Methodius "in Skopje, while a PhD degree in the field of physical education he
gained at the Faculty of Physical Education, University of Belgrade in 2003.
Since 2005 he has been working at the University of Montenegro, Faculty of Philosophy
in Niksic, where he previously worked as a teaching assistant, and he was the head of the
study programs: Physical culture, Sports coaches and Sports journalists. Senate’s
Decision in 2005, appointed him as assistant professor of the same university and Senat
in 2010 appointed him as associate professor. He is appointed full professor since January
2015. As a university professor he held lectures at the Faculty of Sports and Physical
Education, University of Belgrade, Mostar, Tuzla and Sarajevo.

Professor Bjelica was an active footballer and football coach.

He was a member of the Association of Sports Journalists of Montenegro and member of
the section of sports journalists Podgorica. He is the editor of the international magazine
Montenegrin Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, which is located in 53 international
index databases. He is the editor of the journal Sport Mont, located 12 international index
databases. He is one of the founders of the international Open fun football schools in
Montenegro, with headquarters in Denmark (Copenhagen).

He was awarded by the Sports Committee Juan Antonio Smaran in Barcelona in 2007,
proclaimed as the best sports worker in Podgorica and the best pedagogue of Physical
Education in Niksic, and from Faculty of Sport and Physical Education in Sarajevo and
Novi Sad he won the award for scientific contribution from international importance.
He has participated in many international scientific congresses and conferences where he
had several notable and plenary presentations that are published. He is the President of
the Montenegrin sports academy in Podgorica, professional and scientific sports
organization with over 1200 members.

Professor Bjelica so far as the author and co-author published more than 300 papers in
international journals and 59 books – international, scientific and professional
monographs and textbooks.



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