Corresponding Author: Mark Wilson

Co-Authors: Rami Shenouda

Article in press:

Exercise As Therapy for Gestational Diabetes:  What’s the Evidence?

Rami Shenouda 1, Mark Wilson 1

1Orthopaedic Registrar, North West Regional Hospital, Burnie, Tasmania,

ABSTRACT: Men and women differ greatly in their physiology; they are able to undertake different types and levels of activity, and also respond differently physiologically to aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Women have an additional capacity for pregnancy and their ability to undergo significant physiological change in a short period of time. They are, however, subject to further conditions that men are not susceptible to, such as gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). This review will aim to analyse the recent literature regarding exercise and GDM and determine whether exercise can reduce the risk of developing GDM and any potential sequelae. Despite there being a lack of clear consensus on the subject, exercise is a useful adjunct in the treatment of gestational diabetes and may attenuate some of its more harmful sequelae.

KEY WORDS Exercise; Diabetes; Health benefits; Sports Medicine





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