Corresponding Author: Abbass Ghanbari-Niaki

Co-Authors: Hossein Shirvani, Abbass Ghanbari-Niaki *, Saleh Rahmati-Ahmadabad, Vahid sobhani

Article in press:

ABSTRACT: The aim of present study was to investigate the effects of aerobic training with and without Pistacia-atlantica (Bane) extraction as a plant rich in fatty acids, on rat tissues nesfatin-1/nucleobindin-2 and ghrelin gene expression and also on plasma lipid and lipoproteins profiles. Twenty healthy and intact Wistar rats were obtain and randomly were assigned into saline-control (SC), saline-training (ST), Bane-control (BC), and Bane-training (BT) groups. Training groups ran on a motor driven treadmill (at intensity 25m/min, 5days/wk.) for 8 weeks. Rats were orally received saline or bene solution (100 mg/kg and 7.5ul/g of body weight). Blood was collected to determine biochemical variables and liver and visceral fat were also obtain for Nesfatin-1/nucleobindin-2 and ghrelin mRNA expressions by using a Real-time PCR technique.

A higher and significant nesfatin-1 mRNA expressions in liver and visceral fat and liver estradiol were observed in trained groups. However, the level of ghrelin expression was lower in trained groups when compared to control rats. In general, lower tissues nesfatin-1mRNA expression and lower plasma and higher estradiol HDL-C were observed in bane-treated rats. A negative   and positive correlation between liver estradiol and liver ghrelin expression, plasma estradiol, HDL-C and visceral fat nesfatin-1 expression were found respectively. The results of present study indicate that exercise combined with bane-treatment induced considerable changes on liver and visceral fat nesfatin-1 and ghrelin expression which was accompanied with a significant change in plasma HDL-C as a cardiovascular risk factor.

Journal name: International Journal of Applied Exercise Physiology

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