Corresponding Author: Victor M Curty

Co-Authors: Daniel B Ugatti, Victor M Curty, Rafael Pereira and Marco Machado

Article in press:

The aim of this study was to examine the influence of caffeine supplementation (4.5 mg⋅kg−1) on lower body resistance training performance preceded with and without an acute bout of endurance exercise. In a double-blinded crossover study, 10 moderately active males (20.6±2.1 yo) carried out six exercise sessions (2 x 1RM sessions; 2 x resistance sessions; 2 concurrent sessions). Resistance exercise sessions (RES+CAF and RES+PLA) were carried out with 4 maximum sets of leg press, leg extension and leg curl to volitional fatigue at 65% of 1RM for each exercise with 1 min inter-set and inter-session rest interval. Sessions consisted on 4 maximum sets to volitional fatigue at 65% of 1RM for each exercise with 1 min of rest interval between sets and exercises. Concurrent training sessions (CON+CAF and CON+PLA) were identical but were preceded by 30 min of continuous treadmill running at 75-85% HRmax. Physical performance showed a significant main effect for treatment (p < 0.0001), protocol (p < 0.02), exercises (p < 0.0001) and sets (p < 0.0001). Physical performance during RES was reduced after endurance exercise, indicating a cumulative effect of CON. Caffeine supplementation blunted this cumulative effect. We conclude that caffeine supplementation could be used to improve the resistance-training performance when it is done immediately after an aerobic training.

Journal name: International Journal of Applied Exercise Physiology

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