Corresponding Author: Mohsen Aminaei

Co-Authors: 1.Sodabe Yazdani
3. Mohhamadreza amirseifadini

Article in press:

The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of plyometric and cluster resistance training on explosive power and maximum strength in karate players. Eighteen women, karate players (age mean ± SD 18.22 ± 3.02 years, mean height 163 ± 0.63cm, and mean body mass 53.25 ± 7.34 kg) were selected as volunteer samples. They were divided into two groups with respect to their recorded one repetition maximum squat exercise: [1] plyometric training (PT=9) and [2] Cluster training (CT=9) groups and performed a 9-week resistance training protocol that included three stages; [1] General fitness (2 weeks), [2] Strength (4 weeks) and [3] Power (3 weeks). Each group performed strength and power trainings for 7 weeks in stage two and three with owned protocol. The subjects were evaluated three times before stage one and after two and three stages for maximum strength and power. Data was analyzed using two way Repeated Measures (ANOVA) at a significance level of (P≤0.05). The statistical analysis showed that training stages on all research variables had a significant impact. The maximum strength of the pre-test, post-test strength and post-test power were in cluster group: 29.05  1.54; 32.89  2.80 and 48.74  4.33w and in plyometric group were 26.98  1.54; 38.48  2.80 and 49.82  4.33w respectively. The explosive power of the pre-test, post-test strength and post-test power in cluster group were 359.3236.20; 427.9134.56 and 460.5536.80w and in plyometric group were 333.9036.20; 400.3334.56 and 465.2036.80w respectively. However, there were not statistically significant differences in research variables between resistance cluster and plyometric training groups after 7 weeks. The results indicated both cluster and plyometric training program seems to improve physical fitness elements at the same levels.

Journal name: International Journal of Applied Exercise Physiology

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