Corresponding Author: Georgiy Polevoy


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The purpose of this article is to obtain and summarize the data obtained in the new study, namely the change in performance of the spatial orientation of the players 12-13 years old with different typological peculiarities of nervous system properties. The leading methods to research this problem are ascertaining and formative pedagogical experiment, theoretical analysis and summarizing of methodological literature and methods of mathematical statistics. For 8 months of the experiment there was a significant increase in the ability to navigate in space, in the experimental group, which was engaged in by a special methodic. Players with a strong nervous system indicator has increased from 16.2 of±0.5 to 14.9±0.2 s (p<0.05), and players with a weak nervous system – from 15.8±0.4 to 14.8±0.5 (p<0.05). In the control group also saw the positive, but not significant changes (p> 0.05). Conclusion - the article can be useful for coaches, who are preparing not only young players, but also applied in other sports. The urgency is due to the search of improvement of training process of young players who will improve the spatial orientation of children and will improve their results in football

Journal name: International Journal of Applied Exercise Physiology

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