Corresponding Author: Benedito S Denadai

Co-Authors: Felipe BD Oliveira, Sérgio RA Camarda, Leandro Ribeiro, Camila C Greco

Article in press:

The purposes of this study were: 1) to determine whether low intensity resistance training combined with blood flow restriction (LI-BFR) could affect the concentric hamstrings/quadriceps muscle strength ratio (Hcon:Qcon) of professional soccer players with Hcon:Qcon imbalance (Study 1), and; 2) whether hamstrings strength response observed after LI-BFR is associated with muscle hypertrophy (Study 2). In the Study 1, athletes were randomly divided into a training group (n = 6) and a control group (n = 5). In the Study 2, all athletes (n = 11) performed a LI-BFR training program. The athletes participated of a 6-week (twice a week) supervised training program (unilateral knee flexion at 30% 1RM) totalizing 12 training sessions. The concentric peak torque of knee flexors (+8%; P < 0.001) and Hcon:Qcon (+9%; P < 0.01) were significantly increased after LI-BFR. Moreover, the cross-sectional area (CSA) of the hamstrings was significantly increased (+10%; P < 0.001) after LI-BFR. Thus, the addition of hamstrings strength training program using LI-BFR during preseason is able to enhance both Hcon:Qcon and hamstrings CSA of professional soccer players with Hcon:Qcon imbalance.

Journal name: International Journal of Applied Exercise Physiology

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