Corresponding Author: Dr. Mehmet Ali ÖZTÜRK

Co-Authors: Dr. Kadir GÖKDEMİR

Article in press:

The goal of this study is to analyses private sports centers offering recreational activities in the cities of Izmir and Manisa (Turkey) according to the opinions of voluntary members and compare them based on several variables. The "Service Quality Assessment Scale" developed by Lam and adapted to Turkish with a validity and reliability procedure was used as a data collection tool in the current study. The study was carried out with 527 people including 177 women and 350 men. In the analyses, descriptive statistics were used in the distribution of the demographic data and service quality satisfaction scores of the participants, and the independent t-test and one-way variance analysis (ANOVA) were utilized to determine if the demographic data led to any significant statistical difference in the service quality satisfaction scores. Significance level was taken as p<0.05 and confidence interval was accepted as 95%. According to the findings of the study, the average difference values of the participants (service quality satisfaction scores) were determined to be in the negative direction in all the related dimensions (perceived service quality-expected service quality). It was found that the service quality satisfaction scores of the participants from Manisa in all the dimensions except for the personnel dimension were lower than the scores of the participants from Izmir. Compared with male participants, the personnel satisfaction scores of female participants were found to be lower. Those whose monthly income was 1000 TL or lower perceived sports center services of changing rooms and facilities to be insufficient compared with those whose monthly income was between 1001 and 2000 TL or between 2001 and 4000 TL.

Journal name: International Journal of Applied Exercise Physiology(IJAEP)

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