The purpose of this descriptive- analytical (exploratory) research with factor analysis approach was to identify factors affecting volunteers’ cooperation continuity from volunteer students, perspective in northern, southern and Razavi Khorasan universities sport associations. For this purpose 134 male &female students were selected as statistical sample and responded to researcher’s made questionnaire in five factors naming with factor load of each one equal or more than base (0.45) and reliability rate of (α=0.91) .Data was analyzed by using descriptive and inferental statistics .The result of the study revealed that all these factors at alpha 0.05 level had significant effect on volunteers’ cooperation continuity in university sport associations .In determining the priority among 5 factors affecting volunteers’ cooperation continuity, recognizing and appreciation of volunteer work had first and professional growth opportunities priority. According to the result of the study universities must turn volunteer work in general and volunteerism in sport activities specifically into a value and believe, a believe in which belief to group and participative work well defined.

Posted: 2017-12-24 23:54:14

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