Sport marketing is one of challenging problems of sport clubs in present century .On the other hand, in the global accelerated process the media and communication technology have been progressed and all human activities are under their domination. So, current research has been conducted to study the role of the media in development of marketing in Malavan-e Anzali club. Statistic population is all managers and assistants and authorities in Malavan club, experts in sport marketing, authorities in sport media in the province and those who used to contribute in sport activities. Research tool have been the researcher-made questionnaire that after proving its validity and reliability (α=95) it was distributed. Based on the results in exploratory factor analysis test two factors named management and coordination, propaganda and attractions were derived. Friedman test was used for prioritizing amount of the role of each of the media in development of sport marketing that television and internet and modern media placed in the first and second place.Marketing is Critical Success Factors clubs. For marketing development at the club mass media plays a very important and decisive in their marketing development at the club.

Posted: 2017-12-24 00:00:00

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