Physicians’ knowledge, confidence, and prior training will influence physical activity (PA) counselling in general practice. This study evaluated the effects of a PA learning module on knowledge, skills, and attitudes toward PA counselling in third-year medical students. Students (n=216; age: 21.1±2.2 years; 47% males; participation rate 91%) participated in a PA learning module that included tutorials, lectures, and experiential learning through providing health checks to adults. At baseline and four months after the intervention, students completed a paper questionnaire about their awareness of current PA guidelines, benefits of, and attitudes toward PA advising, perceived competence/importance of PA advising skills, and personal PA habits. Data were analysed using a t-test for dependent samples and Chi-square analysis. After the intervention, students reported a greater awareness of the PA guidelines (pre vs. post: 3.1±1.1 vs. 3.8±0.9), the national PA initiative (4.2±0.9 vs. 4.7±0.7), the importance of PA counselling in general practice (4.1±0.8 vs. 4.3±0.8), and their confidence (3.2±0.9 vs. 3.9±0.8), and perceived competence (3.1±0.8 vs. 3.8±0.8, all p

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