Corresponding Author: Farzan F

Co-Authors: Moghaddas M, Ghasemi H

Article in press:

The purpose of this study was to analyze the performance of Islamic republic of Iran broadcasting (IRIB) in comparison with foreign selected channels in the field of sports. The methodology of the present study is descriptive in terms of strategy and content analysis in terms of method. The statistical population of the study includes all channels that are involved in production of sport programs inside and outside of the country. Two non-sport channels and two sport channels that covered night and day sport events were selected as the samples of the study. The Tv3 channel and Sport Channel from Iran and ZDF and Ray Sport 1 channel from Germany have been selected as the samples for the test. The instrument used for data collection in this study was coded sheet used for analyzing the content of the programs broadcasting by these channels. Face and content validity of coded sheet confirmed by three experts and its reliability confirmed by agreement coefficient of Scott π (0/86). The results of the study showed that different TV channels in terms of content, function and coverage of sport programs are different based on functional roles. Therefore, broadcasting organization must develop comprehensive and codified programming for broadcasting sport programs and its coverage

Journal name: International Journal of Applied Exercise Physiology

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